Hi! I am Harini.
 I live a pretty humdrum, ho-hum life. Two months ago, I rid myself of a 9 to 5 job that I had begun to not really enjoy any longer. I want to chase butterflies in strange and wondrous lands, and to follow my dreams. I hope some of you will enjoy following these along with me……


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  1. enjoyed your waiting to read about the story about your opening your eyes in the tableau of ‘sleeping beauty’ to check if your mother had come… and having the spotlight on your face!


    • Thanks.
      Ah! That one and only time when I trod the stage, in my school play, “Sleeping Beauty!” Let me hasten to jog your memory…..I was merely SB’s mother Empress. Maybe I will some day shed light on that long ago, hazy,cobwebby event…….:))


  2. yes i remembered that you were the mother..we cannot all be princesses!there are a couple of other stories which you told, and which i have shared with my daughter but they are fit for ladies only!!I may mention them in a private mail to you!


    • You like my name? Thank you for that. Your writing style sure does tickle my funny bone…..will be reading through your life’s experiences….slowly! Hope you enjoy my Posts too…..!


  3. Sammy…….Harini, as always, love your writing style, & thoroughly enjoyed reading the piece. I felt I was travelling all over with you in Bangalore, Mysore, Coorg & Ooty & pictured every minute! I have almost pictured Sammy, & his moods & finiky ways!!!
    Waiting for the next!


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